Before starting to do anything regarding website hosting and generation name domain, you first need to set up the goals you will be working towards which can be your personal growth, money or even fame, anything that can motivate you to work hard and invest time into achieving that. Then you can start analyzing and researching the expired domain factors that have a big influence on how you will be hosting your website. Following are a few hosting tips on them

  1. Always check the DA/PA of the expired domain

Thousands of sites like Moonsy, Expired Domain, PR Drop provide you with a list of the domains which weren’t renewed, thus making them expired and are now eligible for resale.

There are a few things to pay attention to when buying expired domain besides the domain search availability and generation name domain.

One of those things is the expired domain PA and DA – page authority and domain authority. These factors indicate the quality of the expired domain and you should always try to get expired domains with a DA bigger than 25.

  1. Check the domain with Google banned checker

Although you can find a premium name expired domain with a high PA and DA, one of the main hosting tips I give is to check it throughout. All the positives of the expired domain aren’t worth if Google has banned it from search engines.

Since the search engines are the main source of exposure you can get you MUST make sure that the hosting website domain you want to purchase isn’t banned by Google.

In case you found an expired domain that is banned but still want to buy it, you can contact Google and send a reconsideration request to get the expired domain un-banned.

  1. Check Google AdSense ban

Besides the Google Search Engines ban, and expired domain can also be banned from Google Adsense. So before deciding on buying an expired domain, get it checked on Google Adsense too, since if it’s banned from it, there is no point in getting that domain.

AdSense Sandbox Checker is a tool which can help you to find expired domains with an AdSense ban by placing the URL in it and click on preview Ads. If all the ads are being displayed then the expired domain is safe, otherwise, it means it has a ban.

  1. Check website archive and PageRank

If you are buying any expired domain and want to see which type of website was running before it expired, then simply go to Archive and put your domain URL there. A timeline of all the previous hosting website will appear for you to review it. Most of the expired domains have manipulated page ranks, which is why you always have to check domains with Fake PR Checker tools.