There is a nice ring to it when the domain name of your online business establishment identifies your location. It identifies you with your town or city and does not hinder operations in any way.

Geo service domains refer to those domain names that have similar names to geographic locations, such cities and countries. It is, however, worth noting that they are not related to Top Level Domains (TLD).

You have probably come across a few GEO domains in your town or city. Although they are not killer domains like, these obviously have an enormous value that can be developed into great internet real estate.

Here, we are referring to those seemingly undervalued domains that seem neither here nor there like,


These GEO service domains can be just as lucrative as

It is always possible to jump into GEO domain flipping as an investment because they have immense value in the open market. Now it is imperative to know what to look out for before you can make the jump.

Criteria to guide you when looking for GEO domains

  • Population of the city
  • What’s the purpose of the domain name
  • Is the business likely to have an online presence
  • Keywords
  • Pattern of the domain (Domain+City vs. City+Domain)

Just because the Domain+City pattern may sound whacky, don’t be too quick to write them off as they still find buyers.

What value do GEO domain names have in the marketplace?

The popularity and demand for Geo domains has been on a steady incline forming a valuable asset class as that surge in demand continues to grow. Here’s a breakdown of the value

Businesses want names that exude local authority in the product and services they offer

Most firms have found out that a city domain resonates well with their customer base as it helps them come across as THE service provider for that city, whether the service is plumbing, legal, roofing, concrete, doctor, dentist, etc. When real estate companies want to be identified as the only relevant home seller and buyers in that locale, a city domain has that effect.

A Geo targeted domain is easier to rank in search engines

City domains contain an exact term for the search engines and increase the likelihood of highly targeted visitors to your website.

Geo domains are easy to remember

A Geo targeted domain name increases your site traffic dramatically for the reason that it’s easy to remember. Also, consumers may already know what they need, and by typing the Geo targeted domain and hitting enter they end up on your site.


Flipping and developing GEO domains is a profitable enterprise once you learn the ropes.